17 February, 2006

The Aperture Ring

These sites are well worth a visit for some clever mods that are possible to provide manual shutter speed control on your Trip:



Clever stuff!


Blogger Jukka-Pekka Kervinen said...


Great blog ! I just got my Trip 35
but not sure if the light metering
is working. At least I don't get
that red alert flag (and shutter
seems work anyway) in low light

Any suggestions ?



19 April, 2006 13:39  
Blogger dnf_spedition said...

Manual shutterspeed change when your seleniummeter is down without modifications to the camera. Try the following. Cock the shutter with aperture seting on "A". Push the releaseknob down. Because of the automatic aperture is down it will not fire. Then move aperturering to the desired aperture setting. Take your finger off the releasknob. At that moment you will notice that the releaseknob is halfway down. If so push the releaseknob and take your picture. It will fire the shutter at 1/200. If the aperturering is not turned to "A" again, the releaseknob will keep its halfway position. Cock the shutter and choose your manual aperture setting. The shutterspeed will remain 1/200 or so. If you turn the aperture back to "A" you will hear a click and the releaseknob will return to its upper position. Then at manual aperture setting it will fire at 1/40 again. If you want to change back to 1/200 proceed as previously written. It works on my Trip 35 and maybe worth to try.

12 June, 2006 15:47  
Blogger aoife said...

Always great to see other epople out there using the Trip! Mine was bought while I was only a twinkle in my Mother's eye!!
I recently bought another one to modify. I was wndering apart from the manuel modification that you have the the link to, do you know of any other ways to modify the Trip?

Thanks a Million

08 November, 2006 04:20  

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