26 March, 2010

Here's another link to the date deciphering info:
People seem to be missing it so here is the key info:
The code consists of 3 characters:
1st Japanese character or letter (in later models) signifying the assembly plant.
2nd number representing the last digit of the year of assembly
(e.g. 5 = 1975, 0 = 1980).
3rd number or letter representing the month of assembly,
1-9 for Jan-Sep, X, Y, Z for Oct-Dec.
for example; N1Y = November 1971

Of course the TRIP 35 was manufactured between 1967 and 1984, so if you are unsure if you have a 1968 or 1978 model, the chrome shutter button is the earlier and the black the later.


Blogger whiteadi said...


I just got the film for my "new" trip.

I loaded the film, BW Kodak 400 CN, set the camera to ASA 400, auto: "A", and tried it, the red flag comes up, it was (10 minutes ago :) ) = it is a not so bright morning but I would say enough light, I tried it indoor, outdoor (backyard), the red flag comes, I put it to 2.8 and allowed me to fire, i wind the film and try again with "A", the red flag comes, I put it again to 2.8 and took a shot, wind, took another, now it shows 2 as for how many pictures I took, but back on "A" the entire red flag shows when pressed even at half. It seems that always comes with "A". The blades are opening when press the shutter.

do you think is lost/broken?


06 November, 2010 09:34  
Blogger Blueglitter said...

great site, thanks for all your tips and help, i bought this little guy today :)

19 May, 2011 15:12  

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